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At some point in my life I got used to discovering something new, telling my friends, and then being told that was old news. I took on the mindset that if I know something then everyone else must know it, too. In the last few years, however, conversations have shifted. I have mentioned something – say oil pulling – and my friends don’t know about it. My old way of thinking has been challenged over and over again.

In a bible study during college, we would begin our meetings with an ice breaker. I will forever remember the week when a girl in the group posed the question, “What is your shower routine?” What a silly question, I thought, because we all shower the same. As each woman listed the order of their shaving, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner routine I was perplexed by how different we all were in our routines.

This week I wanted to share with you my morning and evening routines – things I’ve picked up over the years. You’ll see I love coconut oil, coffee, and natural remedies. I am always looking for ways to improve, thus why I recently started the apple cider vinegar concoction in the morning. I would love to hear from you, a habit you do and think I should try or if you’ve learned something new.


My mornings looked different when I didn’t work and could spend 3 hours getting ready for the day. One thing I miss is yoga, and I can feel it in my hips. I keep meaning to add it back to my life, but I can’t seem to get myself out of bed early enough or remember before I return to sleep. One day…

As a creature of habit, my mornings (in order) look like this:

1. Once I finally make it out of bed, I pee then brush my teeth. I brush my teeth first thing because somehow I always forget later. I think my mom spent all of my school years reminding me to brush my teeth before running to the bus. Some things never change.

2. I return to my room and weigh myself. (Yes, I do this every day, because as I continue to experiment with diet and exercise I can see how it affects my weight. I used to do it weekly, but you don’t know if it was one bad day that caused the weight gain or a lot of little things that added up over the week.)

3. Then I eat two gummy vitamins because vitamins are fun when they’re gummy instead of a pill.

4. I walk upstairs for my apple cider vinegar concoction

5. I drink a glass of water, because the concoction doesn’t taste great and it helps hydrate me before I drink my morning coffee.

6. Make and drink coffee. Working at Starbucks has not helped my dependency on coffee, and now I feel more justified than ever. I love my drip coffee, although I know many coffee snobs that use all sorts of methods.

7. I drink coffee while journaling and read my bible, called a quiet time in Christian language.

8. Then I eat breakfast because I’m finally hungry.



1. I remove my makeup with coconut oil. I put about a teaspoon”s worth in my palm, then melt the solid by circling a finger from the opposite hand in the coconut oil. Then I can easily spread the oil over my face and closed eyes. This works especially great for waterproof mascara.

2. I wash my face, now makeup free, with a face wash from Lush. It’s all natural and helps balance the oils in my face.

3. Then I floss, because flossing is important.

4. I spoon out about a tablespoon of coconut oil (and yes, I have a jar of coconut oil in my bathroom) into my mouth and swish it around for 20 minutes. This is called an oil pull. The concept is that the oil will pull the oils out from between your teeth and gums, as like attracts like. Some people have claimed a reversal in cavities, but that hasn’t been my case. It’s also a natural whitener, and it makes my mouth feel clean.

5. Spit out the coconut oil into the trash can, NOT your sink. If it goes in your sink, the oils will harden inside your pipes. And don’t swallow it, because it just pulled out toxins from your mouth. I rinse my mouth with water and then brush my teeth.

6. I pop in my retainers and head to bed. After I got my braces off when I was little I was threatened by my orthodontist if I didn’t wear them I’d need braces again later in life.

7. Before settling into bed I slick on coconut oil onto the bags under my eyes. I’ve read this helps make them less noticeable, and I haven’t decided if it does or not. But I like to think it’s making a difference.

8. With a different finger I put a little bit of vaseline in my nostrils. My nose seemed to get super dry and I’d have crazy painful boogers (tmi? sorry). I tried coconut oil and different lotions, but ultimately settled with vaseline. A little bit at night helps me throughout the next day.

9. Last but not least, I put lotion on my hands, arms, and elbows and then set my sleep app. I track my sleep, which has helped me link why some nights I sleep well (exercise) and other nights I don’t (alcohol or coffee before bed).


Every single day does not look like these lists. Sometimes I don’t wear makeup and skip straight to face wash. Sometimes I don’t floss. Sometimes I have a busy morning and barely have time to make coffee, so I talk with Jesus in my car while drinking coffee out of a travel mug. This morning I finished this blog before having a quiet time. And that’s ok.

What does your morning or evening rituals look like? What can I learn from you?


3 thoughts on “Daily habits

  1. I usually wake up with a burning bladder, but choose to let my dog outside to relieve himself before I (#dogmom). Then I tinkle, brush my teeth and get dressed for the gym. On the way, I chug some water than get in between 45-60 minutes of a workout depending what’s on the fit agenda for the day. Drive home, make a protein drink, shower, make breakfast and play some candy crush or watch the news, pack my food for the day, dry my hair, do my makeup, straighten my hair, tell Pawko I love him then head out the door to work. This makes me realize I get a lot accomplished in the morning! Night time? A whole other story…

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  2. This is an interesting exercise. Let’s see. I…
    Hit snooze until I’ll probably be late to work (need to kick this habit!)
    Get up and pee
    Hop in the shower if it’s a shower day (about every other day) after coaxing the dog into the bathroom so I know he’s not chasing the cats while I’m in there
    Put in shampoo, think lots of thoughts and dream lots of daydreams, shave pits, brush teeth, rinse hair, out
    Try to keep the dog from jumping on me, deodorant, start getting dressed
    Kick the dog into the back yard
    Think about my outfit and do more dressing
    Let dog back in
    Blowdry my hair
    Finish dressing
    Style my hair, turning the faucet on and off several times for the needy cat who maybe wants to drink out of the sink or maybe just be annoying and in my way
    Kick dog out again
    Grab the one cat and carry her out of the bedroom
    Briefly try to coax the other cat out from under the bed; wait a few seconds for her to decide if she wants to come out or be locked in there all day; close bedroom door
    Let dog back in
    Prep dog’s treat/toy and put him in his kennel
    Put coffee in to-go mug (Ben started it before he left 🙂 )
    Remember that my phone is in the bedroom – go get it, being sure no cats follow me back in
    Grab purse, jacket, phone, coffee, and make up. Probably forget one of those things, but hopefully not. Out the door telling the animals bye and to have a good day.
    Realize when I get to work that I forgot to grab lunch
    Uh, yeah, I desperately need to improve me mornings! This all takes place in about 30 minutes. Your morning routine looks lovely!

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