About Amy


I think we can relate, even if our stories and situations differ, because at the core is a feeling that we’re both experiencing. Whether it’s longing for a different life, mourning the loss of a close one, or choosing to conquer a fear we can relate. I want you to know you’re not alone in your feelings and I hope to create a community of people that can relate to your situation.

I want to share the details of my life with you because I believe generalities help no one. I want you to be encouraged to share your own stories, making honesty and vulnerability the norm.

I love deep conversations over good coffee, walking around the city for hours, singing loudly to both Kesha and Bethel, writing lists on post-it notes, and staring out the window in my living room. I love baking more than cooking, telling people about the multi-purposes of coconut oil, and meeting new people – so don’t be afraid to comment or contact me!